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McCain Bindery Systems Sales Team

McCain Bindery System, Inc. was the originator of the inline gathering, saddle stitching and trimming design in the 1950’s. At that time we were pioneers in post-press industry and made sure the customer needs to produce their products were met. McCain is an American company and the McCain name is synonymous with well built, long lasting American made equipment.

Our sales team at McCain Bindery Systems is dedicated to our customers and their personalized specifications for each machine designed and manufactured. McCain also prides itself in its ability to:
  • Fabricate, assemble and test our machines
  • Design custom Saddle Binding systems to the customers exact requirements
  • Produce automatic loading devices and log loaders
  • Create free standing inserters, for inserting up to 5 inserts
  • Build SMC Side Sewers for the ultimate book binding capabilities
  • Formulate Sheeters for the commercial web printing market
  • Plan specialty designed folders
  • Construct Gain Controls for Infeed, Chill Roll, Formers and Sheeter Tension Controls
  • Devise integration systems to facilitate inline production capabilities
  • Engineer specialty machines designed to the customers specifications
  • Document each project for plant layout and machine relocating
  • Support our machines with parts and service
If you can't find it at McCain, we will design and build it!