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McCain SMC Side Sewer - Premium Book Sewing Equipment

McCain Side Sewing Equipment
SMC Side Sewer
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As a leader in new technology and innovation, McCain Bindery Systems offers a full line of bindery and pressroom equipment. McCain machines are American made, durable, and offer dependable performance for binding books and textbooks.

An example of this is McCain’s SMC Side Sewer, which has become the standard for school text and reference books throughout the country. Built for long lasting production, this machine is capable of sewing the most secure bindings for books and textbooks from a pre-gathered book block. The McCain SMC Side Sewer efficiently drills and sews along the backbone using high-quality thread. McCain machines are made from stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber, and castings built to last a lifetime and provide a significant return on investment. The SMC Side Sewer is capable of 290 stitches/minute and can handle books up to 2” of thickness, 15” in length, and 11” in width. These machines can be custom modified, expanded, or adjusted based on the customer’s production requirements. All SMC Side Sewer machines are made to order by customer specifications. The McCain SMC Side Sewer offers a drive, upper and lower drill assembly with hopper feed, and built-in double thread cutter. All units include a pre-wired AC motor built and are tested at our facility.

As with all of McCain’s equipment, the SMC Side Sewer is manufactured with state-of-the-art precision machining centers using strict process standards. They are assembled and tested in-house using a series of timed runs and operational inspections. In addition to world-class bindery equipment, McCain also provides field repair and service as well as in-depth customer training and manuals.

The McCain SMC Side Sewer is built with superior design, innovative construction, and low operating costs. McCain’s goal is to provide top quality book sewing equipment that will not only last a lifetime, but also increase customer profitability.

McCain SMC Side Sewer Specifications

Product Description
American made, heavy construction, long lasting production machine built for sewing the bind of textbooks.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Primary: Sew the most secure binding of books and textbooks in a proven, durable way (takes a pre-gathered book block and drills and sews along the back bone with thread)
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
State of the art machining centers that manufacture the parts used to assemble a quality piece of equipment
Supplying authentic McCain parts for the McCain Side Sewer, field repair and service for machine, installation and training of machinery (New and Used) and skillful customer support
Tightest Tolerances
Made to customer specifications
Material Used
To make machine: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber, Castings / Using the machine: All variations of books needing a sewn bind
Material Finish
To make machine: Paint / Using the machine:
In process testing/inspection performed
Assembled and tested in manufacturing facility, timed test runs completed, and high level of inspections performed in our facility for shipping
Industry for Use
Graphic Arts, Post-printing, Bindery, Textbooks.
Production machines are made to order by customers’ specifications.
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Dependent on order and specifications, shipping and amount of in-house training or machine re-locating
Delivery Location
Ship from: Indiana, USA / Ship to: Worldwide
Standards Met
Meets and exceeds Graphic Arts standards
Product Name
McCain SMC Side Sewer
Additional Facts


Maximum Speed
290 Stitches/minute
Length Of Stitch
1 ¼" (32mm)
Maximum Book Thickness
2" (51mm)
Minimum Book Thickness
¼" (6mm)
Maximum Book Length
15" (381mm)
Minimum Book Length
5 ¼" (133mm)
Maximum Book Width
11" (279mm)
Minimum Book Width
5 ¼" (133mm)
Power Consumption
5.75 hp (4.2kw)
Other related capabilities not used in case study, but require mention
Made-ready production machine that can be custom modified, expanded, decreased or adjusted specifically for the customer/company needs