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McCain Bindery Systems is an American based manufacturer of quality custom bindery, press, and textbook sewing equipment. From initial planning to final construction, McCain offers the expertise and knowledge to construct long lasting equipment that ensures efficiency and increased profitability.

McCain’s Saddle Stitchers provide durable performance with optimal efficiency. These machines are designed for easy setup, loading, adjustment and low maintenance. They are ideal for the saddle stitching of magazines or books by using a series of staples to hold multiple sections together. Once stitched, the system then measures and trims the publication to exact size requirements. Saddle Stitchers are custom built precisely to customer specifications, and can be scaled up or down to meet production requirements. The Model S2000 Saddle Stitcher is rated at a mechanical speed of 13,000/hr, and is capable of ±.002” accuracy. It can also be used in conjunction with the Model 4-45 center knife trimmer, capable of a maximum finished size of 11 ¾” x 9 3/8”. These systems are engineered specifically for graphic arts, post-printing, newspapers, and bindery operations that require exceptionally high speeds, reliability, and consistency.

To support these systems are authentic replacement parts, a responsive field and repair service, and on-site installation and training. McCain possesses years of experience producing advanced bindery systems. The McCain team uses state of the art machining centers to manufacture and assemble parts to the highest standards, thereby ensuring the reliability of your unit.

McCain is the leader in innovative Saddle Stitching solutions that offer versatility and dependability for the publishing industries. All parts and components are manufactured and assembled in-house and are subject to comprehensive testing and inspection. The Model S2000 Saddle Stitcher provides dependable construction, efficient operation, and scalability. To learn more about this product, see the table below or contact McCain directly.

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Saddle Stitcher Specifications

Product Description
American made, heavy construction, long lasting machine built for medium and long run Saddle Stitch magazine binding
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Primary: Saddle Stitch a magazine or book (magazine or book that is stapled in the middle to hold the multiple sections together, then measured and trimmed to a measured size)
Equipment Used to Manufacture Machine
State of the art machining centers that manufacture parts assembled for completed production machine
Supplying authentic McCain parts for the Saddle Stitcher, field and repair service for machine, installation and training of machinery (New and Used)
Tightest Tolerances
Made to customer specifications
Material Used
To make machine: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber, Castings, / Using the machine: All variations of paper
Material Finish
To make machine: Paint / Using the machine: All variations of paper finish
In process testing/inspection performed
Assembled and tested in manufacturing facility, timed test runs completed, and high level of inspections preformed in our facility before shipping
Industry for Use
Graphic Arts, Post-Printing, Newspapers, Bindery
Production machines are made to order by customer specifications
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Dependent on order and specifications, shipping and amount of in-house training
Delivery Location
Ship From: Indiana, USA / Ship To: Worldwide
Standards Met
Meets and exceeds Graphic Arts standards
Product Name
Saddle Stitcher
(Model S2000, H-20 Signature Feeders, Inline Cover Folder Feeder, Model LS Caliper, Model LS Sticher, Left Hand Model MTD Three Knife Trimmer, Model 4-45 Center Knife Trimmer, RS10S Compensating Counter Stacker)
Additional Facts
Dimension/specifications for products that can run through machine:

H-20 Signature Feeders

minimum size
3 1/2 x 3 1/2"
maximum size
12 5/8 x 20"
minimum recommended lap

Inline Cover Folder Feeder

minimum size folded
3 x 6"
minimum size unfolded
6 x 6"
maximum size folded
12 x 19"
maximum size unfolded
24 x 19"

Model LS Caliper

Book Inspected
2-3/4” down from backbone

Model LS Stitcher

Two stitcher strokes
14-3/8" and 20"
Maximum # of heads
Minimum stitch spacing

Left Hand Model MTD Three Knife Trimmer

minimum finished size
2 15/16 x 5 13/16"
maximum finished size
11 3/4 x 19"
maximum book thickness
maximum trim-off, front
1 1/4" (2 1/4” available)
maximum trim-off, head to foot
2" (each side)

Model 4-45 Center Knife Trimmer

minimum input size
3 x 6 1/4”
maximum input size
11 3/4 x 19”
minimum finished size
3 x 3”
maximum finished size
11 3/4 x 9 3/8”

RS10S Compensating Counter Stacker

minimum book size
4 x 1/2"
maximum book size
12 5/8 x 18 1/2"
maximum stack height
9 1/4"